2 week supply, First Aid, Kit, Mt. House, Solar

More pics of one of the kits…

Full contents list, where to buy, suggested additional items, pictures and a video coming soon!

2 week supply, First Aid, Kit, Mt. House, Solar

Homemade 3 Person, 2 Week Kit

I decided to put together a two week “kit” for my parents, two brothers, and my sister.  Taking into account their spouses and ages of children, enough food and supplies for 3 adults per household was appropriate.  BTW, these are intended as a “stay in place” kit, so they aren’t going to be totally comprehensive.  It is assumed that certain items, like toiletries, will already be in the household.  However, they are portable in case travel is necessary.

Keeping in mind storage space limitations, I decided on the two pictured containers.  They’re not terribly big and will hold everything nicely without being too heavy or overstuffed.

The clear box has 14 days of Mountain House double serving entrees for 3 adults.  I also included 14 breakfasts, two cases (6 pouches each) of veggies and a couple of apple fruit snacks.  If you’ve never had the Mountain House food before, not only is it very filling, it’s really tasty.  The double serving pouches are enough to feed two adults very well.  Three adults will feel satisfied but not really full.

The gray box will have a Goal Zero Escape portable solar kit, 2 – 4 person Adventure Medical first aid kit, Goal Zero solar/crank/DC flashlight, batteries, small propane single-burner w/a couple of the small tanks, matches, collapsible measuring cup & small pot (to measure & heat the water for the food pouches), probably a battery powered fan, etc…  It also has wheels and latches, which I think is needed since the gray box will be the heavier of the two boxes.  The one with the food in it is light enough for me to easily lift. 

I bought both boxes at Walmart and of course, we sell all of the Mountain House, Goal Zero solar kits and Adventure Medical first aid kits at www.readyoutdoors.com.

You will also need approximately 7 – 8 cases of bottled water (for 3 adults) to store with the kit. I found the Kirkland brand for $3.75 a case (35 bottles) at Costco. 

As soon as I get everything completely put together, I’ll upload a complete list, where to buy and pics of everything.

If you would like me to help you put together a similar kit, just hit me up on email, twitter or facebook and I’ll be happy to help.

Have a GREAT week!